A consortium of 26 housing associations has appointed a framework of consultants and contractors to undertake more than £400m of projects.

Among those selected from more than 400 bidders by the Riverside Partnership consortium were the following:

  • Bucknall Austin, Mace, Baily Garner, Arcus and Markhams were named as cost consultants.
  • TADW, DK Architects and Michael Dyson won three of the seven places going on the design frawework.
  • Davis Langdon and EC Harris were appointed to the building surveying framework.
  • Seddon Group, ROK and Lovell were among the contractors chosen.
Rok has already won a £57m deal to undertake work on Merseyside for the consortium.

The partnership has been set up to devise a nationwide social housing programme for the UK. The aim is to create a team that learns from its mistakes and improves its performance over time.

In financial terms, the objective is to save 10% on capital expenditure each year.

The consultants were chosen after a tender exercise managed by Constructing Excellence.

In financial terms, the objective is to save 10% on capital expenditure each year

The final selection was influenced by Riverside Partnership’s wish to use small and medium enterprises to deliver services wherever possible.

The consultancies each secured a nationwide four-year partnering contract, with an option for a two-year extension.

The Riverside Partnership is made up of 26 housing associations, including the Riverside Group, the Regenda Group, Liverpool Housing Trust and Northern Counties, and is expected to spend more than £50m a year on projects.

Chris Hartley, a managing partner for the consultant, said: “It had a very thorough pre-qualification questionnaire with in-depth questions based on experience and – a first for us – they visited our offices to check exactly what we wanted.