Lance Taylor will spearhead organisation’s expansion overseas

Rider Levett Bucknall chief executive Lance Taylor has been appointed the first global chair of construction standards body Constructing Excellence.

Constructing Excellence has set out its stall to expand internationally for the first time from 2012.

Taylor said: “Compared with the UK building sector, global prospects for construction are strong in the short-medium term. 

“Construction in emerging markets is forecast to grow by 128% over the next decade compared with just 18% growth in developed countries.  

“These markets are chasing UK expertise hard and with many Constructing Excellence members increasingly looking to do business globally, this strategic decision to raise our game to deliver greater benefits to our members is fuelled with opportunity.

“Our strategy is to partner with exisitng organisations in each market where possible, and then to approach UK members of Constructing Excellence who are active overseas and who could help set up Constructing Excellence in their respective marketplaces. 

“We will also target those countries that have the same approach and principles as the UK.”