Insulation firm protects lions, marmosets and kinkajous from the worst UK winter in decades

Newquay Zoo and insulation firm Rockwool have formed an unlikely partnership to ensure the zoo’s exotic animals are protected from the worst British winter for decades.

The Cornish zoo is installing stone wool insulation provided by Rockwool in its enclosures so that the likes of African lions, silvery marmosets and kinkajous, can keep warm in our inhospitable climate.

African lion at Newquay Zoo

The zoo, which tries to place a great emphasis on conservation, called upon Rockwool to ensure its enclosures mirror the complex habitats from which the animals are drawn.

Insulated habitats also ensure animals that favour colder climes are kept cool during the warmer summer months.

Hans Schreuder, the Rockwool managing director, said: “When we heard that Newquay Zoo was looking for sustainable insulation products we were delighted to assist.

“One sight of a lion in the snow was enough to convince us to support the zoo in its efforts.”

The new insulation will help Newquay Zoo, who recently won an award for sustainability, limit its carbon emissions and lower its energy bills.