Strategic Forum sets up new logistics task group to look at best practice in the construction industry.

The Strategic Forum for Construction has set up a task group to look at improving industry logistics. The Group met for the first time this month and is being chaired by Mike Eberlin, commercial director at Castle Cement.

The Group will focus on how design can improve logistics, transport of construction products, stockholding and more efficient use of on-site labour.

Membership of the task group includes representatives from the construction industry who have experience in logistics in building and other industries.

Strategic Forum chairman Peter Rogers said of the group: “Construction is a complicated process and paying proper attention to logistics will deliver real benefits in terms of reduced cost, increased speed, less waste, and a safer working environment."

"This is just the kind of issue where the Forum should be taking a lead in helping the whole industry to understand how we can do things better.”

The Group will report back to the Strategic Forum in Spring 2005.