Agreement covers engineering and technical support in pre and post construction phases for four new power stations

Rolls Royce has signed a deal with EDF that will see the global power systems company support the development of a wave of new nuclear plants in the UK.

The agreement between the two firms covers engineering and technical support during the pre and post construction phases of four new power stations planned by the French energy giant.

There is also potential for Rolls Royce to get involved with the validation and supervision of the supply chain under the deal.

Lawrie Haynes, president of Rolls Royce Nuclear and former White Young Green boss, said: “We are very pleased to be working with EDF Energy and this agreement is another step towards the delivery of our civil nuclear strategy.”

Humphrey Cadoux-Hudson, managing director of EDF Energy’s nuclear new build business added: “This agreement with Rolls-Royce is a welcome development in ensuring we achieve our new nuclear build plans. Its name is one of the strongest engineering brands in the UK and it has a lot of strength in the nuclear industry, including a history of work for British Energy.”

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