The collapse of the terminal roof at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris was caused by weakened concrete, according to a French government report published last Tuesday.
There is no criticism of the architect of Terminal E, Paul Andreu, or the contractors that built it, in the preliminary findings of the study, which has been compiled by the French transport ministry.

Instead, the experts point a finger of blame at the standard of concrete used in construction.

The report says: "The view of the commission is that the main cause of the sudden collapse is linked to the perforation of the concrete roof by struts [supporting it]. It is likely that this perforation was facilitated by the prior and gradual weakening of the concrete."

The French transport ministry and the operator of the terminal are reluctant to demolish the £500m structure but say they will do so if irreparable flaws are found.

The investigators are expected to complete their report after inspecting all areas of the site. Some are still inaccessible for safety reasons.

Four people were killed in the accident in May. The terminal was opened in June last year.