A row has broken out at Wembley stadium over a firm that has just taken over security operations at the site in north-west London.

The claims centre on a firm believed to be called Ivor, which has taken over from Bedford security firm AR Security. AR Security pulled out last week because of financial problems, allegedly linked to debts to Honeywell, the M&E contractor.

Some former employees of AR Security, who now work for Ivor, allege that the new firm is owned by a senior manager at Honeywell and that, as Honeywell was involved in the demise of AR Security, and is the main M&E contractor, there is a conflict of interests.

The staff also claim that the new firm has failed to pay them since it took over and has reneged on a promise to repay wages owed by AR Security while it was on site.

Construction union Amicus is now investigating the claims over pay and alleged conflict of interest. Amicus is also investigating the situation at the Arsenal Emirates Stadium, where AR Security was also subcontracted to Honeywell.

Frank Westerman, Amicus regional officer, said he was meeting Honeywell. He said: "We need to find out if this company is directly part of Honeywell or not."

Honeywell said: "It is our policy not to make any public statement regarding our contractual relationships."