A sacked Multiplex manager on the Wembley stadium project is taking the firm to an employment tribunal alleging unfair dismissal on the grounds of ethnic discrimination.

John Cousins, who worked as an quality assurance manager on the Wembley site for the Australian contractor, was sacked in March.

He has since taken his case to the T&G union. It is understood that Cousins is claiming he was unfairly dismissed and replaced by an Australian employee.

Alan Bricklejack, T&G regional organiser, said: “I can confirm that an application for an employment tribunal has been lodged and that our solicitors are investigating the situation.”

A project source said that Cousins’ dismissal from the site was part of a restructuring within the commercial department of the company.

The source said: “The union’s legal team is investigating a claim that the company already had somebody lined up to take over his job before he was sacked.”

He said: “Cousins feels aggrieved as he’s been sacked when foreign workers are coming onto the project. This is not about race, it’s about ethnic background.”

Multiplex declined to comment.