Property services company Savills is suing developer Chelsfield in a £100,000 legal battle over fees.

The row centres around work on a joint venture at a development site between Union Works, Bear Garden and New Globe Walk on London’s South Bank.

Savills says it has not been paid for its negotiation of a leasing agreement, a rights-to-light agreement, documents, and consultancy advice on design issues.

The writ, issued by GSC solicitors on behalf of Savills, says Chelsfield agreed to pay the company £60,000 on completion of an agreement for a lease, and other services based on planning consents granted.

Chelsfield paid the original £60,000 plus VAT but failed to pay an invoice for £98,650 after the local authority granted consent for a 2600 m2 development.

Savills is now seeking payment of £98,650 as well as interest of £21 a day.