New scheme in Scotland will help refugees' convert construction qualifications to their UK equivalents.

A scheme is being launched in Scotland to marry the shortage of skilled construction workers with the need for refugees with professional qualifications to find work.

OTAR, the Overseas Trade Re-skilling programme, will help refugees convert their qualifications to the equivalent UK ones so that they can improve their chances of finding employment. OTAR would also help refugees improve their use of English, in particular with regard to technical terms and industry jargon.

The scheme, was dreamt up by the umbrella group New Roots Scotland, which is made up of Glasgow City Council, the Institute of Contemporary Scotland, unions, colleges and construction firms in the area.

Those involved hope that it will go some way to meeting the skills shortage that has been caused by Scotland’s falling population. It is estimated that more than 25,000 skilled worked are needed in Scotland to meet current demands.