Framework aimed to drive tenfold increase in renewable energy use for heat and transport

Renewable energy used for heat and transport in Scotland could increase tenfold under new plans unveiled today.

The Scottish government revealed proposals aimed at helping the country meet its EU target of getting 20% of energy from green sources by 2020.

It also pledged £2m of new funding for the Scottish biomass support scheme.

First minister Alex Salmond said that the strategy document, called the Renewable Energy Framework, takes Scotland closer to becoming the “green energy capital of Europe”.

He said: “Almost half of the energy used in Scotland goes towards heating and hot water. This framework proposes a tenfold increase in heat energy from renewables to stimulate a diverse and vibrant heat market.

“The framework also proposes an increase in the use of renewable fuel for transport from less than 1% to 10% to reduce carbon emissions.

“Tackling climate change presents huge opportunities for Scotland and despite the current economic slowdown the country's renewable energy sector is booming. Renewable energy is at the heart of this government's vision of increasing sustainable economic growth and development.”

The document is open for consultation until 1 December.