Infrastructure secretary Alex Neil will set out £60bn programme this week

The Scottish government is set to unveil a £60bn pipeline of 80 construction projects this week.

Infrastructure secretary Alex Neil will unveil the programme as a key part of the SNP’s strategy to boost the ailing Scottish economy.

Neil said: “This week I will publish a plan to invest billions in more than 80 major capital projects and programmes that will keep Scotland’s economy moving.

“They are all significant developments that will both boost growth, and deliver a lasting legacy that benefits generations to come.

“It will also provide crucial support for employment, with every additional £100m of capital we invest per year estimated to generate £160m of economic activity and support 1400 jobs in the wider economy for that year.

“All of these projects will signal a clear intent and provide the kind of solid foundations and certainty our construction industry demands.

He added: “With the Westminster cuts in our capital budget, and the autumn statement providing far too little, far too late, our plan will have maximum value for taxpayers’ money at its heart.”