Atkins suffered this week after investment bank Merrill Lynch changed its recommendation from hold to sell, saying fair value for the stock was about £10.75.

On Monday the stock slumped 4%, although it bounced back on Tuesday to £11.63. Atkins is working on a five-star 350-room resort hotel near Lingang, China. Despite this and other high-profile schemes, Merrill feels the company is overpriced.

Analysts say Atkins, while a well-managed business with a strong market position, has potential risks due to the recent downturn in construction orders that were not reflected in the valuation.

Meanwhile, consultant Cyril Sweett enjoyed an easy first week’s trading, settling on 122p soon after listing on the alternative investment market last Wednesday, valuing it at £66.5m.

The shares were placed at 110p and rapidly bounced up as the company mused on a buying spree in the UK, India and the Middle East.