If you want to get an idea of the size of the job still facing the sector in trying to change its image among the investing community, check out the recent coverage of Henry Boot's results in the City pages.

It seems that most newspapers can't put the idea that construction is boring behind them. Despite another set of improving results (see financial news page 22), Henry Boot was treated with a mixture of disdain, amusement and pity, with most headlines playing on the "boot" theme. The Independent said the firm failed to "make a good fit" and said it was the equivalent "of a semi in Surbiton: a safe enough investment, but utterly dull".

Meanwhile, The Daily Telegraph criticised the firm for being too cautious, but in these post-Enron days who can be critical of that? OK, Henry Boot is not a name to set the pulse racing, but surely 17 years of continuous profit growth should warrant some praise.

All this must have left the Sheffield-based contractor and housebuilder wondering what it has to do to please some people. No wonder the share price didn't budge from 315p on Monday. It seems that, despite another good year for construction, the old problems of trying to excite investors still remain.