Share indices in the week to 25 October 2002
So, the long-running feud between the Morrison brothers and AWG appears to have finally spluttered out.

AWG's foray into contracting when it bought Morrison Construction in 2000 for £262m from Gordon and Sir Fraser Morrison turned to custard last summer when Morrison's multimillion pound losses were revealed.

AWG cried foul, claiming it had no idea it was buying such a lemon. In the months following the revelations there were plenty of dark threats emanating from the mouths of AWG executives but now it appears that it was all just talk.

In a letter written in September to Gordon Morrison, who walked away with £57m from the deal, the group said no legal action was "currently contemplated".

Just how AWG's lawyers would have gone about legal action was always hard to fathom – the words caveat and emptor spring to mind.

There was always the feeling that AWG's heart wasn't really in a messy legal battle and that most of the tough talk was for the benefit of its shareholders, who rightly wondered how the management could have got it so wrong.

Although AWG has still not ruled out altogether taking legal action, the time to do so seems to have passed.