How construction fared in the City this week
Clearly there are a lot of James Bond fans out there. Investors were left both shaken and stirred by last week's announcement that Interserve had won a series of contracts totalling £28m, one of which was called Goldeneye. As a result, its share price shot up 18.7% to 273.5p.

Despite the contract's suave name, the boys and girls at the group are unlikely to be donning dinner jackets and cocktail dresses: Goldeneye is the name of a gas field in the North Sea, rather than the world's most powerful helicopter, and the project is led by Shell, not a breakaway terrorist organisation fronted by Sean Bean. Perhaps Sharewatch was expecting a bit too much on this occasion.

Or it could be that life's just not as much fun without Amey. Sure the support services group is still listed, but with its shares due to be cancelled in less than two weeks (26 June), the price is likely to lay fairly dormant at about 32p, as it did last week.

This is a real shame given the entertainment the price has provided us over the last 12 months, with a peak of 236p and a trough of 17.75p. Adios, Amey, as you go to join Spanish giant Ferrovial; we will miss you.

Talking of year-lows, High-Point Rendel fell 25% to just 3p last week. Its year-high was 45p.