How construction fared in the City this week
As the summer sun sears through Britain, the share prices of the most acquisition-hungry housebuilders have hotted up.

With rumours of consolidation increasing, the housebuilders with the greatest appetites are thought to be just about ready to unlock their war chests.

Wimpey and Persimmon rose sharply after investors put the spotlight on them as likely buyers. Wimpey put on 13.5% to 360.25p and Persimmon increased 8.3% to 537p.

But the real pace maker this week was Country & Metropolitan – its price increased 21% to 144.5p.

Not only is the company boasting that it has drawn up a list of small, tasty rivals it wants to buy, but it brought out a radiant trading statement on Friday. This forecast that the company would deliver a pre-tax profit of £6.7m for the 10 months ended 30 June.

It made £4m in the previous 12 month period.

Meanwhile, Interior Services Group poured cold water on a rumour that it was considering going private because it was frustrated with it low share price.

"No, not at this stage," laughed one director. Interior closed on Tuesday at 141.5p, well down on its year-high 194.5p.