Former Foster and Partners right-hand man Ken Shuttleworth has unveiled the name of the firm he has set up. The man credited with the initial designs for Swiss Re and the GLA building will now practise under the name Make.
Shuttleworth, who parted company with Foster and Partners at the end of last year, has resisted the temptation to name his practice after himself.

In a statement the company said: "Ken is completely happy with attention being accorded to his designs rather than to him personally. He has no desire to see his name in lights. Make is not just Ken's vision but one shared by a team of dedicated individuals and the brand should reflect this."

The firm also noted that if it started naming the practice after its partners it could lead to regular changes that would make it more difficult to establish a brand image.

Two former Foster and Partners project directors, Sean Affleck and Jason Parker, joined the practice this month. Shuttleworth has ambitious plans to take on up to 250 architects and operate in Manchester and Birmingham as well as his temporary base at the Arup office in London's West End.

The firm said in the statement that it would introduce an equity points system to reward staff based on the work they contribute.