When you're perched nine floors up, it's probably best not to adjust your seating too much


Thanks to Peter Young for this one. He writes: "Seeing your Safety Blunders Pictures reminded me of some pictures I took when working in Kazahkstan last year.

I was staying in the Hyatt Rahat Place Hotel in Almaty and an office block was in process of construction.

I took this picture from my hotel room around the ninth floor. I had previously watched with incredulity the worker sitting on the suspended plank climb onto it from the floor with no protective harness or any aid to prevent him falling to the ground below. His job was I believe, to spray all the steelwork with intumescent paint.

During my stay it was clear this was common practice. It was hard to watch.

Over the time I was working on my project (about 12 months) I watched this twin tower rise from the ground with virtually no safety protection for the construction workers."