Contractor issues statement to City after anonymous email warns of problems in South America

Swedish contractor Skanska has been forced to issue a statement to the stock exchange denying rumours it is to issue a profit warning.

In a statement Skanska said it had become aware of an email circulating that said it was planning to close down its Latin American arm following problems with developments there which would cause it to issue a profit warning.

Skanska said: “The e-mails state that Skanska due to developments in Latin America would issue a profit warning in the upcoming year-end report and that the company would consider closing down its business unit in Latin America.

“These anonymous statements are incorrect. Skanska is not planning to issue any profit warning and the company has a strong commitment to its business in Latin America.”

The statement didn’t make a huge impact on the firm’s share price, which rose marginally in trading yesterday. So far it has fallen 0.70Kr, or 0.58% in trading today.