Research blames insufficient training and increased demand for industry’s lack of skilled workers

The UK construction industry’s skill shortage is set to worsen according to research carried out by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).

The CIOB’s latest skills survey showed that 70 per cent of managers and directors in the construction industry believe there will be an increase in demand for construction work in 2008 but there is a shortage of trades people, and senior and middle management. Nine out of 10 respondents to the survey said they believed the industry is suffering from a skills shortage

The research also highlighted a reduction in the numbers of migrant workers coming to the UK to work as labourers.

CIOB deputy chief executive Michael Brown said: “The shortage of professionals and managers within the industry is reflected in many parts of the world. Areas such as the Middle East will be a continuing draw for UK talent exacerbating the situation in the UK.”

He also blamed a lack of apprenticeships for the situation, saying: “In 2007 ConstructionSkills, the Industry’s Sector Skills Council was only able to place 8,500 people into apprenticeships out of the 50,000 who applied. The lack of apprenticeships will have a long-term impact on the skills base of the future.”

Over 1200 managers and directors, most working for companies employing over 500 people, took part in the survey.