The SNP says it would not cut infrastructure spending in England as price for coalition government

The SNP has dismissed claims made by the Conservatives that they would cut funding for infrastructure projects in England as part of negotiations to form a new government.

An SNP spokesperson dismissed as “nonsense” claims made by David Cameron on the Andrew Marr show that the nationalist party would put important infrastructure projects at risk if it held the balance of power.

In an interview with Andrew Marr yesterday, Cameron said: “The SNP will come to Westminster to break-up our country. There is a fundamental difference when you have a group of nationalists who work in a government

“Would these people care at all about what would happen in constituencies in England? The answer is no.

“We’ve already seen Labour cancelling important infrastructure projects in England in the A27, imagine what it would be like with SNP MP’s in Westminster.”

Earlier this year former First Minister Alex Salmond, who is standing as an MP in the forthcoming election, suggested that HS2 should potentially start in Scotland as part of negotiations on any coalition government. The Conservatives have warned of “coalition chaos” if the SNP and Labour form a government.

Speaking about Cameron’s comments an SNP spokesperson said: “The SNP want to modestly increase spending and end austerity, which would suggest that in itself there would be more funding for infrastructure spending.

“We are aware of and support infrastructure projects across the UK not just in Scotland.”