Green Construction Board launches review to boost demand for solid wall insulation

The Green Construction Board has launched a review into the effectiveness of solid wall insulation, with the review to explore how demand for the energy efficiency home improvement can be boosted.

The Green Construction Board - a sustainable construction leadership forum jointly run by the government and industry leaders - has commissioned chief construction adviser Peter Hansford to conduct the review.

The review will consider how to boost solid wall insulation (SWI) demand, improve its affordability and increase its attractiveness as a solution.

Other areas to be covered include the drivers of investment in SWI, its benefits, the impact of existing policies, manufacturing capacity, barriers to uptake and health and environmental issues.

Green Construction Board members Rob Lambe, managing director of Willmott Dixon Energy Services, and Lynne Sullivan, co-founding partner of Sustainable By Design, will support Hansford in the review.

The review team will work closely with, but remain independent from, the Department for Energy and Climate Change and Department for Communities and Local Government.

A report will be made to the Green Construction Board in June 2015.

Written evidence is invited to be sent to and should be clearly marked ‘Evidence to SWI Commission’. Written evidence must be received by Friday 24 April 2015.