Labourers on stadiums for 2010 event have settled for 12% pay rise and will return to work tomorrow

South African workers on the stadiums for the 2010 World Cup will end their week-long strike, negotiators in Johannesburg have said.

The labourers had threatened to wreck next June's tournament unless they received a pay increase of 13%, but a union spokesperson said the workers had now settled for 12%.

Contractors confirmed a deal had been reached and would be signed shortly, according to the BBC. It is hoped work will resume on Thursday.

South Africa is building five new stadiums for the World Cup, due to be held in the country next June.

Negotiators said the deal, which was reached today, followed difficult talks. The South African Federation for Civil Engineering Contractors said it had received assurances that workers would go back to work at 7am on Thursday.

Workers have spent the past week dancing and singing outside the stadiums instead of working on them. Most earn about US $310 (£188) a month.

The union and construction firms insist the venues will still be ready on time.