WORK Architecture are the latest winners of the musesum version of the UK's annual Serpentine Gallery Pavilion

The Museum of Modern Art has selected WORK Architecture to design a temporary public farm in Queens, New York.

WORK is the ninth winner of the Museum’s Young Architects Programme, which is the city’s version of the Serpentine Gallery temporary pavilion scheme.

Under the terms of the programme, young and up-and-coming American practices compete to design a temporary installation for a budget of $70,000 (£36,500). The emphasis of the competition is on nature and sustainability, with a design requirement to include seating, water and shade.

WORK’s raised garden will be made from durable cardboard cylinders, each containing a vegetable patch which will be farmed by local volunteers. Produce will be sold from a farmer’s market beneath the garden, and there will be a play area, a wading pool and a solar-powered cell-phone charger on site. It will open on June 28 and close once the harvest is finished. Previous winners include SHoP, ROY, and nARCHITECTS.