Fathers' rights activist has halted work on firm's Tower Bridge site by living on top of crane dressed as superhero.
Taylor Woodrow is considering taking legal action against a protester who has brought work to a standstill on a construction site near Tower Bridge.

David Chick climbed a 120 ft crane last Friday, armed with a supply of sausages and cigarettes, to draw attention to the rights of fathers, whom he says are not looked after properly by family law.

Dressed in a Spiderman costume, his daughter's favourite superhero, Chick took occupation of the crane at 5am on Friday morning. The move has prevented work being carried out on the site since.

The protest has also caused widespread disruption to the Tower Bridge area with the police having to shut all surrounding roads, including Tower Bridge itself.

A Taywood spokesperson confirmed that all work has had to be stopped on the £100m Richard Rogers-designed office scheme in St Katherine's Dock, called K2.

The spokesperson said: "We will be conducting a full investigation, including security, and possibly taking legal action when the individual has been brought down. The police are taking the lead, and we will co-operate fully."

Taywood has had to wait for the Metropolitan Police to resolve the situation with Chick, who is believed to have conducted a similar protest in June at the site. The Met could not confirm that it is the same man, but said: "There was an incident in June, but no charges were brought. He [Chick] will be arrested for causing a public nuisance and aggravated trespass."

The crane, which is owned by Kier Plant Hire, overhangs the road. Commuters have endured hours of traffic chaos and local residents have had to endure the extra noise and congestion as cars have been diverted away from the bridge.

  As part of the investigation, Taylor Woodrow will try to establish how the site was broken into for the second time in six months. Building contacted Alandale Security, the firm responsible for securing the site, but its project manager for the site, Jeff True, refused to comment.