Stadium developer Stadia Management is planning to develop five non-league football grounds near London.
It is understood that Stadia Management has asked Richmond-based architect Bain & Bevington to design the five stadiums, which includes a £14.2m football and hotel development for Billericay football club in Essex.

It is believed the schemes will follow similar developments by Stadia in Scotland and Ulster. The firm has undertaken projects with Dunfermline Athletic, Livingston Football Club and at Carrick in Ireland.

Under Stadia's terms, the stadiums are built for free, then the developer and the clubs share profit from associated hotel, leisure and commercial developments.

A source close to Stadia said: "Stadia is looking at five non-league clubs in the M25 area."

Non-league clubs face fewer safety restrictions than league clubs – partially due to the size of crowds – which raise the cost of building. The new Stadia grounds will be funded by the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Stadiums are built for free, then Stadia and the clubs share profit from associated developments

The Billericay stadium will take the club away from its traditional home town to Gloucester Park at nearby Basildon. The stadium will have a capacity of 8000 and and the hotel will have 80 bedrooms. A planning application has been submitted to the local council.

Earlier this year, Stadia invested £7.5m in Dunfermline Athletic and has plans to build a business centre and hotel at the stadium as part of the redevelopment of its South Stand.

Plans for the Carrick Rangers stadium were unveiled in July. Costing £3m, it will seat 3000 spectators following the demolition of the exiting ground. Around 80% of the funding for the project comes from Royal Bank of Scotland. Carrick retains all the profit from football receipts, and 75% of income from associated retail and leisure development.