K&C gives green light to £5.5m Sloane Square scheme despite 3,700-signed petition

Singer Brian Ferry and actor Rupert Everett have joined a campaign to prevent a four-lane carriageway being built through London’s Sloane Square.

Opposition to the £5.5m scheme, which is due to start next year, is being led by the Save Sloane Square group. The Sunday Telegraph reported yesterday that the group has collected a 3,700-signature petition from objectors, and enlisted the support of some of the area’s most famous names.

The opponents say that plans to take traffic through the square, rather than around it, would destroy the area’s unique character. Other opponents of the scheme include broadcaster Sue Lawley and former Tory minister St John of Fawsley.

Kensington and Chelsea council says that regardless of the opposition it will go ahead with the scheme next year.