Skanska’s UK building managing director Andy Sturgess has left his post suddenly after David Fison became the new boss.
Building understands that Sturgess has not yet left the company and has been on gardening leave for two weeks after Fison took over from Keith Clarke in February.

Sturgess had been UK building boss for five years and was part of the group’s eight-strong management board. He was also responsible for Skanska’s PFI work in the UK.

A Skanska spokesperson said the departure of Sturgess was linked to Fison’s promotion. “Andy has indicated a desire to move on and with David Fison taking over the UK, it is a good time to do so.”

  The spokesperson added that it had not been decided whether Sturgess would stay with Skanska: “He hasn’t got a new position yet, but that doesn’t mean he won’t get one.”

Sturgess worked under Fison in the late 1990s and sources said he did not want to do so again. “Their relationship is hardly what you would call happy,” said one source. “Andy has said for a while now he wants a fresh challenge and David’s promotion has speeded that process up.”

Skanska has not yet appointed a replacement for Sturgess. Fison will take over Sturgess’ responsibilities in the mean time.

Sturgess has moved up the ranks in the construction industry over the past decade following a series of mergers and takeovers.

He joined Monk as a divisional director in 1991 and became a Trafalgar House main board director in 1993. He took over at Skanska, then called Kvaerner, in 1997.