Bid deadline is 20 August for new build and demolition scheme

Project Colchester magistrates' court

Value £30m

Scheme Court house with four magistrates and one youth/family courts, associated accommodation and parking, following demolition of existing car park.

Envelope Glazing: double glazed.

Structure Floors: solid concrete.

Services H & V: air conditioning. Security: sprinkler systems, detection & alarm systems, CCTV, door entry systems, security lighting. Personnel Movement: passenger lifts.

Siteworks Demolition, new access, soft landscaping, linked mains supply, upgraded access, hard landscaping.

Status Detail planning approval sought (TP ref 090752). OJEU ref: 2008/S 216-287489. Scheme is part of a multiple expansion programme Overall value is £25 million. Two stage tender.

Tender close 20 August 2009

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