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Keep up with all the latest developments in construction, including the credit crunch, payments cuts and the 2012 London Olympics.


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We bring you jaw-dropping buildings from around the world and CAD drawings from the “surely they can’t build that” school of design.

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Now with eight dedicated web channels

1 Building sustainability

Here are five sections to look out for on Building’s new sustainability channel, which offers a host of green case, studies, data, news and comment

EPC advice
Confused by energy performance certificates? Let our new EPC section lead you through the basics of preparing for them and performing assessments, and keep up to date with latest news on the rollout of the scheme in 2008. It includes an EPC flowchart that guides you through assessments, a six-point preparation plan and an A-G guide to the certificates.

Made in Britain
Read an exclusive case study on architect Make's first major building in London, a new office development on Baker Street. The scheme has adopted a “buy British” procurement strategy for many of the fixtures and fittings.

Here from the experts
Columnists on the sustainability channel include UK Green Building Council chief executive Paul King, Gardiner & Theobald’s environment and sustainability director Richard Francis and green housing blogger Mark Brinkley, who writes about the end of south-facing glazing and Prince Charles' traditional approach to sustainable construction, plus US writer Jerry Yudelson (left) gives his perspective on the growth of green building across the pond.

Best of the US
We have a wide overview of the major growth in green building the the States. There's an insight into the green principles used on Renzo Piano’s New York Times building (pictured), regular columns from environmental expert Jerry Yudelson and images of a concept tree-towerby architect William McDonough.

Concrete evidence
Our sustainability writer Will Jones examines alternatives to the use of concrete, such as lime-based cement, Aircrete, Ceramicrete and EcoCement.

2 Building Specialists NEW

Building's newest channel provides news, features and data from the top specialists in the UK and abroad. The channel has exclusive profiles of some of the biggest names in the industry. Look out for a special report on the demolition experts who follow the emergency services into building disaster zones.

3 Building Students NEW

The latest issues affecting undergraduates. Boost your career prospects by keeping tabs on the best employers and read our student diary.

4 Building Legal

Construction’s sharpest legal brains simplify complex legal issues. Highlights include Fenwick Elliott’s Case of the Week, essential briefings and Who’s Suing Whom.

5 Building Technical

Read Thomas Lane and Stephen Kennett’s expert round-up of the most important issues affecting product specification and installation. The channel includes information on regulations, as well as the latest products and innovations.

6 Building Housing

The busiest channel of the lot. Find out how the government is planning to hit their housing targets, check out the best housing projects and read about the latest legislation.

7 Building Health and Safety

Nobody can afford to ignore heath and safety. This channel keeps you informed of the latest Health and Safety Executive news and is home to Building's campaign to improve crane safety. Also, see how not to do it with our selection of safety blunders.

8 Building QS

Our most popular channel has something for anybody working at a multidisciplinary consultant. News, appointments and the latest data all feature, as well as views from QSs and project managers around the world.