The Atlantis hotel in Dubai is teaming with marine life and one of Hollywood's biggest fish may be spending new year there

We got a peek at Atlantis, the big pink hotel on the end of the palm, which opened on time three weeks ago despite being engulfed in fire days before.

In general there was no trace of the fire at all, except what looked like a bit of cleaning work going on - in typical Dubai style the work was continuing into the night. Little wonder that the hotel was looking so pristine. There was faint whiff of burning mind...

There are also reports that the magnificent whale shark in the hotel's stunning aquarium will have to be, er, returned to the sea. The hotel "found it" apparently, and failed to notify the authorities.

Despite this, Atlantis is also reputed to be attracting some A-list Hollywood types - Top Gun star and top Scientologist Tom Cruise is apparently holding a New Year party here.

Atlantis aquarium, Dubai

Atlantis, Dubai

Atlantis aquarium, Dubai