Design for Manufacture: Sustainability and Modern Method of Construction, joint venture with Shanghai Tongji University

Entering its third year, Tongji-Cardiff Sustainable Architectural Design Joint-studio has brought students of different educational and cultural backgrounds together.

This annual program introduces students to the global conditions of architectural practice, and challenges them to develop design strategy for conditions outside of their own culture. Plus, it enables students to live in a foreign country and to explore the difference.

This year, students are invited to Design for Manufacture: Sustainability and Modern Method of Construction. Students are asked to propose a design strategy for sustainable housing in Shanghai through modern method of construction (MMC).

Design for Manufacture was a competition launched by the UK government in 2005, and the aim was to stimulate changes in the construction industry, to improve efficiency through modern methods of construction at a wide commercial scale, and to demonstrate the possibility to build good-quality with sound cost-effectiveness.