Haymills workers on the agonies of uncertainty… while Bonny Prince Charlie causes aggro again (twice) and Boris perplexes

Bouygues prepares to swoop for struggling Haymills

If Haymills goes into administration the workers get paid whilst still working while a buyer is found for the company. As it is at the moment nobody gets paid!!
Haymills worker

It's awful not knowing. Every day it's just carry on working with no sight of a pay cheque. We cannot plan anything, and the rumours change each day and hour. We still do not know what is going on and we are into yet another weekend of uncertainty and anxiety. We read more on the net than any information from HR. And as for RBS…
Haymills worker partner

Rogers shortlisted twice for Stirling prize 2009

“In a move that will be seen as a gesture of support of the architect following the Chelsea Barracks furore.”

OK, the Stirling Prize is now officially null and void then. Nominees, we all thought, were chosen on merit, not as a general gesture of support of the architect behind them by a Rogers-adoringly-fixated Prasad.
Laura Roberts

Images: The US embassy plans opposed by Cabe and the mayor

Maybe I'm just being cynical but had ZGF enlisted the help of HRH Prince Charles in developing the scheme then, irrespective of the prevailing mood amongst the professional design community, the plans would surely have sailed through!

Mayor diverts £75m from new homes to fund repairs

Doesn't Boris want to build new homes that meet with his new housing standards?