Frustration with health and safety bureaucracy, and fears for the future of both starchitects and surveying students

Mandelson warns of 10-year curb on public spending

Really, you don't say! And in other breaking news: the Pope is Catholic!

When will Mandelson and the Labour government stop tip-toeing around this issue and set out an investment strategy for the next five years so the industry can plan for the future?

It does not take a rocket scientist to work out, or an individual with an incredibly short memory to remember, that in cases like the LSC failure to communicate the facts correctly can have the most serious of consequences, and it looks like they are walking us down the same road again.
Steve Williamson

Two members quit safety group to maintain independence

This whole "accreditation" thing has gone too far. There must be one UK standard system. This practice is paying large amounts of money to two of these systems already. We are not prepared to pay any more. They have not improved the bid process one bit. We still get asked to complete huge H&S questionnaires despite our registrations. The fact that they cannot even agree with each other is very telling.
Robert Keenan

Bored of boards

Can't see the problem myself, they've obviously done it that way for years and it works for them. Why does everybody think that everybody else has to abide by the same guidelines?

Many of our own H&S guidelines come from Europe, where they don't give a toss about the consequences.

We are a load of zombies that can't take responsibilities for our own actions, we expect some one else to cover every scenario with mostly stupid rules that are NOT strictly adhered to. It just covers the main against being sued most of the time.

Chelsea changed everything

Obviously change is in the air. More importantly, the case is a welcome revolt against inertia or status quoism, against all fad or fashion, and unthinking over-confidence or arrogance of the modernists.

All the starchitects are headed the same way and Prince Charles is to be thanked for reminding us of the emperor's new clothes etc.
Bibhuti Mansingh

Building surveying trainees left without placements

It is a sad state of affairs at the moment, my ex employer cannot justify taking me on full time at the moment and there are very few building surveying jobs out there. I have a first class hons in Building Surveying, have completed 12 months of my APC with 2 years of Building surveying experience and cannot find a building surveying position anywhere! Feel like I've wasted the last 4 years!
Nicholas Atkinson