Innovative thoughts on stimulating the economy with infrastructure schemes, 'lovefest' allegations over the Stirling prize; and outrage over teenage pay rates

Can public sector capital projects really stimulate the economy?

Here's a thought. If the insurance companies got involved with PFI schemes to improve flood defences that would put money into the economy and generate work whilst giving them an investment by creating a land bank for building and/or safe-guarding existing properties thereby reducing claims for flood damage.
David Overment

They would also be better off not tying all the educational projects up in massive, cumbersome framework packages and allow them to drip through into commencement instead. Surely this makes funding simpler? The removal of larger frameworks would also afford SMEs opportunities.

Take Birmingham for instance, numerous projects exist which would have suited smaller companies but instead they are tied up under umbrella agreements. Yet again the government has fallen for the misapprehension that a BIG business or a framework translates into value.
Matt Savage

Rogers shortlisted twice for Stirling prize 2009

The Stirling Prize is an inward looking, self-congratulatory lovefest for architects and other associated luvvies to cuddle up to each other. If you asked us to award the prizes you would get a totally different set of nominations and awards.
Nigel Walker

Step-by-step safety

I think this is unbelievable! Two men, two sets of stepladders, one scaffold and just one light! They should be sacked - how could anyone make a profit under those conditions!
The subby

Adult minimum wage to increase to £5.73

I think everyone should get the same pay as they do the same as others in the same job, some even do more than others, and are on lower wage than them because of their age, it is so wrong.