More 'fan mail' for Richard Rogers over the Chelsea Barracks saga, plus enthusiasm for wind farms and teenage fury at the minimum wage

Chelsea Barracks: which design do you prefer

Poor architects! Decades after architects adopted modernism, the public stubbornly refuse to see how great their egotistic designs are, preferring traditional styles in brick and stone to tower blocks of glass and steel. If only they could see the importance of being 'challenged' by 'relevant' buildings, but no, the philistine man on the street just wants something pleasant to look at.

Are Wren and Palladio pastiche because they used classical forms? Should we demolish the Houses of Parliament for using 15th century perpendicular gothic?

I vote Terry.
Paul H

They're both awful. Surely we've got more inspired architects than this? Open up the competition! If has to be one over the other, Terry's is less of an eyesore.

Charles' top architects vie to replace Rogers

What an imbecilic statement from Piers Gough.

"It's a very conservative area with the sort of people who become jabbering maniacs at the very sight of modern architecture."

Having quite happily lived right opposite your Quality Street toilet, Mr Gough, and in Chelsea, you're a buffoon who is talking out of your rather enormous derrier.

This wasn't about modern architecture. This was about a scheme that didn't meet the brief, was appalling architecture, failure to consider 93% opposition and the unbending and disastrous ego of Rogers.
Laura Roberts

Whitelee wind farm: Putting the wind up

This is an impressive project. The debate as to whether wind power is our solution or not goes on but as a resident of East Kilbride - it is pretty windy most of the time here so roll on the power generation when it can be up and running.

My family and I went up for a walk around the wind turbines and the scale is impressive - I don't mind the turbines being present, they are quite pleasing to my eye, but others may differ in their opinion. The roads through the project make the location more accessible for walking/cycling etc with the added interest of seeing the turbines in action.
Jason White

Adult minimum wage to increase to £5.73

I'm 17, so I'm on £3.53 min wage. I could do the same job to a higher standard and quicker than a 40 year old who will be getting over twice as much money… it's ridiculous!
Ellie Peachey