Dutch architect MVRDV wins competition to design new town for 77,000 people in Gwanggyo near Seoul

Dutch architect has won a design competition for a new town for 77,000 people at Gwanggyo, 35 miles south of Korean capital Seoul.

As its appearance suggests the design it is intended to minimise impact on the environment. The buildings are conceived as these clipped tree like forms and each structure is conceived as a series of rings which get progressively smaller towards the top. Each floor is encircled by a terrace bordered by a box hedge.

The green terraces are intended to catch water, help ventilate the buildings and reduce energy use. Internally there are large atriums which are linked with other buildings at lower levels via a series of public spaces.

Called the Power Centre, it is being developed by Korean industrial giant Daewoo Corporation with the Gwanggyo council. The design will be refined with the intention of completing the scheme by 2011. The engineer is Arup.