The Conservative party is to hold a seminar next month attended by up to 18 leading industry figures to help develop its construction policy.

Mark Prisk, who shadows construction as part of his small business and enterprise portfolio, said: "The idea of the seminar is ‘What's happening in government?' We will look at its role as a purchaser and regulator."

He added that between 15 and 18 people will be invited to the meeting on 16 May, including representatives from all the leading trade bodies. These include the Construction Confederation and the Major Contractors Group.

The findings will feed into a review of the competitiveness of the British economy, which is being conducted by John Redwood.

The seminar’s idea is ‘What is happening in government?’

Mark Prisk, Tory shadow on construction

The Conservatives are finding it harder to set up another review, this one into regeneration, as those in the construction and property industries seem unwilling to sit on the committee. Its chairman, Lord Heseltine, the former deputy prime minister, said: "A fair number of people are happy to talk to me about their ideas, but don't want to get involved with a political party because of their public position."

Despite that, the construction industry is warming to the Conservatives. A Building opinion poll published this week shows that the party has a 12.5% lead over Labour among construction professionals, up from 3.5% this time last year.