Club hits back at claims it would ’demolish’ existing site

Tottenham Hotspur has released the first image of the proposed 60,000 capacity football stadium that it would build if awarded the Olympic Park site.

The football club, which is competing with rival West Ham United for the right to take on the Olympic stadium, described its proposal as “one of the most advanced, state-of-the-art stadiums in Europe that will deliver an exceptional spectator experience”.

Daniel Levy, chairman of Tottenham Hotspur, also hit back at claims from West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady, that it would be “a corporate crime to spend £500m on a stadium and, just four weeks after the Games have finished, bring the bulldozers in”.

“Accusations that we would ‘demolish’ £500m of stadium are hugely inaccurate and highly irresponsible and I want to be very clear on this issue,” Levy said.

“Our proposal will retain around £420m worth of the Olympic Stadium, and we will re-use or recycle the £80m that will be dismantled with zero landfill.

“It is also important to remember that two thirds of the Olympic Stadium, under the original legacy plan, was to be dismantled – it was not designed to be a permanent structure.

“Recent scaremongering conveniently forgets this fact.”

As part of its bid, Tottenham is also proposing the significant redevelopment of Crystal Palace Athletics Stadium that would see its capacity increase to 25,000, with the ability for it to be increased up to 40,000 for major championships.