Moat could be used for the first time in 177 years

The moat surrounding the Tower of London could be refilled with water to mark the London Olympics. A study by the Historic Royal Palaces, which is responsible for the tower, has found that the £15m project could be feasible.

Dragon boat
The Tower of London-the next venue for Building's Dragon Boat Challenge?

The tower's moat has been dry since 1830 after it was drained as health hazard by the Duke of Wellington.

Under the plans fresh water would fill the moat that ranges between 27 metres and three metres in width. However there are no plans to reconnect the moat with the Thames, which used to be the main route to the tower.

Enough water to fill nearly 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools would be needed for the moat.

While the water-filled moat would not be used for sporting events it would help restore the original features of the tower which is increasingly encroached by surrounding office blocks. Tourism chiefs are increasingly keen on the idea of offering visitors the chance to explore the tower by boat.

A HRP spokeswoman said the project would "provide a spectacular new setting to a world heritage site."

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