Department-wide framework for engineering and QS services

The Department for Transport has called for expressions of interest in a sector-wide engineering and consultancy framework worth up to £300m in fees.

The Department has called for QSs and engineers to come forward for the work to provide “transport – related technical and engineering advice, consultancy and research” across the whole of the DfT’s remit.

This includes rail and road construction work, direct from the department, as well as for transport quangos such as Network Rail and the Highways Agency.

Local authorities and the Office of Rail Regulation will also be able to use the framework. The tender is to last three years, with the department estimating the total fees value at £300m.

The framework includes consultancy on such diverse topics as urban planning, laboratory services and radio transmission services, but the core is thought to be engineering, architecture and cost consultancy.

Applicants are expected to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire before getting hold of full tendering documents.

Consultants are already thought to be lining up consortiums to bid for the work, in order to be able to offer the full range of services.

It is not yet known whether the framework will supercede existing consultancy frameworks run by the Highways Agency and Network Rail.


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