a select committee has endorsed many of the findings of former Wembley stadium project manager Tropus.
The culture media and sport committee said on Wednesday that the firm, which criticised the procurement of the £410m stadium, had acted in good faith. The committee's report, Wembley National Stadium Project: Into Injury Time, says: "Thorough and independent review has confirmed grave deficiencies in relation to the substantive issues that Tropus alone brought to the attention of the board of Wembley National Stadium Limited."

The report refutes claims by WNSL that Tropus' criticisms stemmed from the fact that it knew its contract with WNSL was not to be renewed.

It says: "Tropus said it fully expected to be offered a new contract by WNSL once the project was reanimated … and that this expectation was supported by correspondence."

The report calls for stringent monitoring of the project when construction begins. It is due to receive financial backing this summer.

The report also demands full disclosure of Australian contractor Multiplex's corporate structure.

n Stanhope director Peter Rogers was this week offered the job to replace Sir John Egan as chairman of the strategic forum.