Consultant T&T is considering asking its staff to work a four-day week if market conditions deteriorate, Building has learned

Directors have consulted senior staff to gauge what the response would be were the company to move to a four-day week, according to sources close to the firm.

Sources said no decision had yet been taken.

They said the move would only be likely if market conditions declined in the autumn. The source said: “The questions directors have been asking their teams are: ‘Will you volunteer if we need you to?’ and ‘Is anyone willing to do this?’ It’s to know if there’s that option in the back pocket if things worsen.”

The move comes after T&T chair Tim Wray pledged that the firm would not follow other QSs in enforcing salary cuts during the recession.

The firm has also separately said it would expand in India this year by doubling the number of staff operating in the country to 35 and looking to open offices in New Delhi, Bangalore and Pune, in addition to its office in Mumbai.

This follows a number of high-profile project wins in India, including a network operating centre in New Delhi for Bharti Airtel, the third largest mobile phone operator in the world.

T&T was unable to comment on the possible move to a four-day week.