Seven-tonne section of crane falls 30 storeys onto a house, killing two and injuring five others

Two construction workers have been killed and five injured after a crane collapsed on a home in Miami.

A seven-tonne section of crane fell 30 storeys yesterday and collapsed on to a Spanish-style home being used as a project office for work on a 36-storey luxury high-rise building.

The accident comes 10 days after seven died in the New York crane collapse.

Witnesses said a 20-ft section of crane dangled before dropping through the roof of the home, once featured in the film “There’s Something About Mary”. Several workers were caught under the arm of the crane and in the rubble.

It is believed one of the workers worked for contractors Bovis Lend Lease Holdings. The crane was operated by subcontractor Morrow Crane.

In New York, the City has ordered changes to the way it inspects and regulates tower cranes.

Investigators said workers were installing steel bracing to stabilise the crane so new sections could be added to make it taller, an effect called “jumping”. A city inspector will now have to be present when a crane is erected, jumped or dismantled.

In addition, project engineers will have to produce guidelines on jumping and check they are followed, while lead contractors will hold safety meetings with workers involved.