Online BSc based in Highlands hopes to draw professionals from across UK

The UK's first BSc in sustainable construction has been launched by a Scottish university.

The online science degree will be offered this autumn by UHI Millennium Institute, the university of the Highlands and Islands. It is expected to industry professionals from across the UK.

Drawn up in consultation with an industry working group, the course was principally designed by Kenneth MacLeod, who has since left UHI to join contractor UBC Group.

MacLeod said of the course: “We believe it is the only one of its kind in the UK with sustainability at its core. We've had a lot of interest in it so far; not least of all from the industry itself where there is a need for professionals able and qualified to move it forward.

“The course will cover new legislation, renewable energy production, equipment and systems, as well as waste management and other sustainable challenges for new builds and conversions.”

Stephen Sheridan of ConstructionSkills said: “It was vital that ConstructionSkills, Scottish Building Federation and professionals from across the industry worked closely with Kenneth's team to help to develop the programme. We can be sure that it will meet industry requirements and also have a real impact on meeting the Scottish government's ambitions for sustainable economic growth within the Highlands.”