The Knowles senior consultant overlooks IKEA’s new shopping centre scheme in Siberia

Where are you?

On site in the city of Omsk, Siberia, Russian Federation

What are you working on?

Contract and claims advisor to the contractor Yenigun on the Mega Family Shopping Mall. Mega is part of the IKEA group of companies.

How far up are you?

Only second story of double stacked porta cabins

Describe your view?

Looking across from the site offices onto the Mega family shopping mall which consists of an IKEA store, AUCHAN hypermarket, a mall of approx 200 outlets with an Ice rink and food hall in the centre. This project has a build value of circa $200m (£177m).

What’s on your desk?

Mobile, laptop, project contract, part prepared claim document, hat, gloves, scarf, black Russian tea and Lemsip capsules.

Have you been on a project with a stunning view?

Camana Bay in the Cayman Isles.

What’s your all time favourite view?

Sat with a cold beer at the end of the hot day watching the sun go down on 7 mile beach in the Cayman Isles (or should I have said my wife and daughter each time I get home!).