RLF Sheffield’s associate partner can see an idyllic golf course on the malt whisy trail from his office. Lucky chap

How far up are you?

I’m sat in a great spot on the second floor of the newly refurbished John Watts Cutlery Works in Sheffield that were built in 1765.

Describe your view?

I have a fantastic view looking over Dufftown Golf Club in Banffshire. It’s at the heart of the malt whisky trail overlooking Speyside and is apparently home to the highest golf tee in Britain! his is of course my screen saver!

Alternatively out of my window there is a mix of new build and converted industrial space, a major part of Sheffield’s heritage, our office forms part of a new mixed use development at the John Watts Cutlery Works.

What’s on your desk?

Everything. There is a PC, Blackberry, mobile, fan, cricket ball, scale rule, calculator, piece of running track used as a coaster, local sandwich shop menu and a Tasmanian Devil soft toy. There is also a lot of paper that probably shouldn’t be there. This will get filed one day, but probably in the recycle bin!

Have you been on a project with a stunning view?

It wasn’t actually a project I was working on, but while working in Frankfurt many years ago the view from the 22nd floor of the Marriott hotel where we were staying scanned the whole of the city which was quite special.

What’s your all time favourite view?

My favourite view is of the valley over looking my village in the north of Sheffield. When I see that I know I’m back home.