The director at McBains Cooper Mexico is inspired by the city’s new architectural style

How far up are you?

On the fourth floor.

Describe your view

From my window at McBains Cooper’s México office I can see a small park which is located in the middle of Santa Fe; the busiest and most modern corporate and business area in Mexico City.The park is surrounded by buildings which represent the new Mexican architecture style in the city.

Every time I look out of my window I try to keep in mind that what I see through the glass is not the ’real Mexico’. This is precisely what motivates me to work harder in order to build a better country with better opportunities. There is so much to do to improve the Mexican reality.

What projects are you working on?

McBains Cooper is working on several projects with the private and public sector, some PPP´s and other architectural projects in different parts of Mexico.

What’s your all-time favourite view?

I love to lie down and just enjoy the open sky at night in Ixtapa, a beautiful beach in Mexico’s Pacific coast, watch the ocean while it merges with the stars and hear the sound of waves crashing into the coral reefs. That relaxes me and allows me to reflect and focus. I even think that increases my creative capacity!