The Davis Langdon project manager does a bit of ’plane spotting’ from her office at Stansted airport

How far up are you?

I sit on the third floor of BAA’s central offices at Stansted airport.

Describe your view?

If you’re into “plane spotting” this is the view for you! I look out over the runway and satellite buildings of the third busiest airport in the UK. I have a view that really is a window to the world as the destinations you can fly to from Stansted are endless. Not that I have time to let my mind travel to faraway lands and tropical beaches, of course!

What’s on your desk?

It’s probably no more exciting than anyone else’s. There’s the usual keyboard, screen, mouse, project folders, papers for filing, etc but I do also have the company of Mrs Potato Head who shakes her handbag when she’s furious! There’s some sun cream for when I go out on site (honest!), a keep-fit mug to remind me of what I should be doing and a project calendar with deliverable dates and the odd annual leave that I have to look forward to. The most useless thing on my desk is a yellow hippo pencil sharpener – useless because all my pencils are retractable!

Have you been on a project with a stunning view?

While working at Stansted my view is always stunning and varied due to all the changes taking place and the 40,000 passengers going through the airport every day.

What’s your all time favourite view?

I have been privileged to see some stunning views, but my favourite is the view from my house of fields, lakes and wild fowl, I find it very beautiful and restful to look out across.